Friday, 26 February 2010

Home Improvement Jobs

Welcome to Home Improvement Jobs, a new blog that will be centered on looking at the many types of jobs that can be done around the home with regards to improving it in some way. Oh, you thought this would be all about jobs in the home improvement industry? Well, I'm not ruling that option out and there will also be some resources to that effect included with this blog.

In fact, the plan will be to combine the two sides of this particular coin when it comes to renovating, improving, refurbishing or simply sprucing up your home. The jobs that need to be done can be done by the homeowner who is handy with their hands and their tools, or by a professional who comes with guaranteed work and public liability insurance so that if anything goes wrong, its covered!

That leads me nicely on to some of the things that will be written about in here. Subject covered will include, but not be restricted to rebuilding or remodeling interior rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and other living spaces to either make them bigger, smaller, more functional or more aesthetically pleasing. You choose which works best for you out of that lot! I'll also be covering the inclusion of furniture, fixed or mobile, plumbing, electrical wiring, home improvement finance, home improvement companies, bathroom design and layout, kitchen design and layout, outdoor work such as patios, pools, garages, drives, exterior walls and fences, lighting, home security... the whole shebang in fact!

What qualifies me to write on all these subjects?

I worked as a builder, refurbishment consultant and decorator for several years for a professional building company. I can therefore write on these subjects from a first hand perspective having done the work myself and assisted with others in many different aspects of the building industry. I find its better to get advice and knowledge straight from the horses mouth than to read about what someone read and copied from someplace else without knowing or understanding what was even going on.

Your choice, of course, as the Internet is full of websites and blogs all providing their own take on this kind of advice. So that's where we begin at this place and if i need to put in a link to a related resource that I believe explains something better than I can, I'm big enough to admit it and place the link!

See you again soon!

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